Spread Out“Nowhere do I feel freer than amid the crowds of New York. This light, ephemeral city, which every morning and evening, beneath the curious rays of the sun, seems a mere juxtaposition of rectangular parallelepipeds, never stifles or depresses. Here you may suffer the anguish of loneliness, but not that of crushing defeat.” — Jean-Paul Sartre

New York on the Line

New York City wouldn’t be what it is without its infamous subway system; likewise, the identity of the people of New York is inextricably linked to this peculiar mode of transportation. New Yorkers spend a significant amount of time on the subway, using it not just as a means of getting from point A to point B, but as a place to take a nap, catch up on the latest news, have a snack, groom themselves and just about anything else one can imagine. 1 through 7; ACE,BDFM,G,JZ,NQR,L; local or express. This is New York on the line.

New York on the Line is an ongoing project, presented here as a slideshow. Click here to see the project in its original format.

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